PowerDirector 18 – Upgrade Build number18.0.2725

Software Update Pages:
ENU: http://www.cyberlink.com/support/powerdirector-ultra/patches_en_US.html
CHT: http://tw.cyberlink.com/support/powerdirector-ultra/patches_zh_TW.html
CHS: http://cn.cyberlink.com/support/powerdirector-ultra/patches_zh_CN.html
JPN: http://jp.cyberlink.com/support/powerdirector-ultra/patches_ja_JP.html
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KOR: http://kr.cyberlink.com/support/powerdirector-ultra/patches_ko_KR.html

Patch Instruction
Updates PowerDirector 18 to build 2725

Note: This patch is not for PowerDirector 365 subscription version, hardware bundled/pre-installed versions, volume license, educational editions, or versions purchased via the Microsoft Store and Steam.

Release Notes:
Adds support for encoding AAC 5.1ch audio with XAVC S format.
Adds support for Canon CR3 raw image format.
Improves the UI performance.
Improves the compatibility for SVRT.
Improves the compatibility for MP4 video with HEVC codec and WebM video with Opus audio.
Improves the compatibility for long-duration video in the Motion Tracker.
Improves stability when saving in the Menu Designer.
Fixes the issue that an audio hiccup sometimes occurs when a transition is applied to the video with Dolby AC3 audio.
Fixes the issue that the NewBlue Titler Pro plugin cannot be used in 9:16/1:1/2:1(360) project aspect ratios.
Fixes the issue that some mask settings are not packed when packing project materials.
Fixes the issue that the custom text/brush mask in Mask Designer is removed after auto-deleting temporary files.
Fixes the issue that sometimes the video becomes distorted with Color Enhancements are applied.
Fixes the issue that ProRes 4:4:4 MOV video cannot be imported correctly with Apple QuickTime installed.
Fixes the preview issue of shadow (proxy) files created from HEVC 10 bit HLG HDR video on some NVIDIA platforms.
Fixes the issue that sometimes the clip marker moves to an unexpected place on the timeline if it was added in the library preview.
Fixes the issue that sometimes the editing results from ColorDirector are not applied.
Other minor bug fixes.

For customer support related issues, please contact:
– Customer service: https://membership.cyberlink.com/support/customer-services.do
– Technical support: https://membership.cyberlink.com/support/service/technical-support.do
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