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Interactive Modern Vehicles for iClone – Handling Mobile Parts tutorial

Handling Mobile Parts tutorial

Interactive Modern Vehicles for iClone – Handling Mobile Parts
Available at Reallusion Content Store – Interactive Vehicles Series…

This is a tutorial of how to take advantage of the mobile parts contained  in the Interactive Modern Vehicles content pack specially developed for Reallusion iClone 7.
I show how we can easily animate characters interacting with the vehicles using the iClone 7.2 “Reach Effectors” and the “Reach Object” tool applied on dummies.
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iClone 7:…

Compatible Tools 
iClone – Real-time 3D animation tool for filmmaking and 3D character animation. If you wish to export your characters in FBX, of OBJ formats for further 3D editing in 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D or others, then the 3DXChange Pipeline version is required. Know More –…

Character Creator – the main 3D character customization tool for this Realistic Human 100 Content Pack. This tool will help you create your own 3D characters without the need for modeling. You can also use this tool for character morphing, layering dynamic skin materials, conforming cloth with soft physics behavior and defining outfit fabrics. Know More –…

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