Importing & Animating Daz Genesis 8 Characters in iClone

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Not only is iClone a powerful and intuitive motion creation tool, but it can also act as a hub for bringing together motions and models from all the most popular 3D tools out there! This is a huge benefit to Daz users who are able to import their own specialized models from Daz into iClone, where they can then bring them to life with animations in any other format, including FBX, BVH, and ABC. This webinar will walk you through the process of how to import in a Daz Genesis character into iClone, animate it with free motions from Mixamo, and then create detailed facial animation using iClone’s awesome facial animation tools!

Live Demo Outline:
– Customizing a Genesis 8 Character in Daz
– Importing a Genesis 8 Character to iClone
– Downloading & Importing Body Animations from Mixamo
– Facial Lip Sync & Animation in iClone

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