iClone Tutorial – Master Class: Speed up Action Sequence Creation in Animation – by Adolf

Read full tutorial article "Speed Up Action Sequence Creation in Animation": https://blog.reallusion.com/2019/11/14/speed-up-action-sequence-creation-in-animation/

Welcome to the MASTER CLASS by PRO studio artist – Adolf Navarro. In this video, he teaches us how one single person can create powerful action sequences in a short period of time, using iClone, Character Creator and assets from the Reallusion Content Store.

The main advantage of Reallusion software and content is that everything is easy to learn and easier to use; making the animation process very intuitive, while delivering good final results that can be touched up with just a few filters during video editing. Best of all is that almost no post-production or composites are needed.

01:37 How Transparent Videos Help to Manage Crowded Combat scenes
06:48 How to Create a Complete 360º Environment using StreetView Images
11:20 How iClone’s Interactive Vehicles Facilitate the Car Action Scenes
15:29 Using Physics and Linking Motion Clips
16:50 The Advantage of Working in Real-time
17:30 Giving Cinematic Aspect to the Videos with Just a Few Clicks

Learn how iClone can create 3D characters and animations here:

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