iClone Tutorial – Master Class: Create a Jungle Sequence in One Day – By Adolf

Read full tutorial article "Create a Jungle adventure Sequence in One Day": https://blog.reallusion.com/2019/12/18/create-a-jungle-adventure-sequence-in-one-day/

Welcome to the MASTER CLASS by PRO studio artist – Adolf Navarro. In this video, he teaches us how one single person can create a Jurassic park-like animated jungle scene in just one day. In this tutorial, Adolf will guide you on his secrets to create good quality animations with iClone 3D animation software.

The main advantage of Reallusion software and content is that everything is easy to learn and easier to use; making the animation process very intuitive while delivering good final results that can be touched up with just a few filters during video editing. Best of all is that almost no post-production or composites are needed.

1:03 Preparing the Scene
3:36 Saving resources
4:20 Adding characters
5:00 Dinosaur animations
5:36 Adding vehicles
6:00 Implement particle effects
6:52 Animating the Sequence
9:50 Camera DOF
11:13 Vehicle Animation

The content packs used in this tutorial:
Botanical World pack: https://www.reallusion.com/contentstore/iClone/pack/Botanical_World/
Interactive Vehicle Modern Car combo:
Popcorn FX Library 40 pack: https://www.reallusion.com/ContentStore/iClone/pack/Particle_Effects-popcornFX_Library40/

Learn how iClone can create 3D characters and animations here:

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