iClone Beginner’s Guide: Basic Camerawork

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Camerawork, or cinematography, is one of the most important aspects of visual storytelling.  Effective cinematography can inspire emotions in your production ranging from suspense and fear to curiousity and comfort.  The key to effective camera placement and movement is experimenting with different angles and lenses, and being familiar with the emotions each one of your camera choices convey.  In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of managing your camera placement and movement in iClone.  You’ll learn of a couple intuitive and easy ways to set up your camera for unique shots, and tell your story the way you want it told.

1:37 Basic Camera Movement
3:15 Creating Camera Animation
6:40 Linking a Camera to a Moving Character
10:34 Depth of Field
17:30 Animating Depth of Field
19:09 Creating Paths for Camera Movement
23:35 Switching Cameras

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