iClone Beginner’s Guide: Animating with Motion Clips

There are countless different techniques for animating your characters in iClone.  This tutorial helps to explain the basics of using motion clips, the foundation of most of iClone’s animation.  Motion clips can be produced in a number of ways, including applying motions from a character’s persona menu and iClone’s motion library, and also using motion tools such as Motion Puppet and Direct puppet.  See how all of these clips can be created and blended together to create your own custom animation.

1:33 Animating with Personas
3:45 Applying Masked Motion Puppet Animation
5:50 Blending Motion Clips Together
7:38 Breaking Motion Clips
9:07 Applying Motion Clips from the Motion Library
10:22 – Simple Root Sliding Adjustment
14:42 – Animating Body Parts with Direct Puppet

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