iClone 7 – Content Pack: Studio Mocap Series – Glamorous Moves – Male

Know more about iClone – Glamorous Moves – Male Motion Pack:

Inspired by a supermodel’s continuous life under the limelight. The Glamorous Moves Male pack is designed to best render your 3D characters in fashionable styles. This professionally captured pack contains natural transitions of male model postures

This unique motion pack focuses on details, with a performer’s relaxed gestures, a well-balanced curve flow, and attractive pace. You can notice its outstanding quality purely from its animated silhouette.

All poses have been carefully planned, performed, captured, and refined to emphasize the strong muscle curves of men. You can get a total of 6 standing motions, 12 sitting motions, and 8 action poses. Some recline to a chair, some lean against the wall.

You also get 4 dazzling stage walk animations to help you best present your male characters on a runway fashion show!

Check out the full Glamorous Moves Combo pack: https://www.reallusion.com/ContentStore/iClone/pack/Motion-Glamorous-Moves-Combo/default.html

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