iClone 6 Tutorial – Intro to Displacement Power Tools


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The Displacement Power Tools pack is an excellent collection of resources for anyone who is interested in assembling their own buildings in iClone and gracing them with sculptured designs and realistic textures.  It includes a library of architectural building elements as well as well as comprehensive learning documents and videos that detail how you can create your own displacement props.  Last but not least, it includes Trenton the Terrible, a fully-rigged character compatible with all of iClone’s facial and body animation tools.

This tutorial will introduce you to this pack and some of the included content, as well as how you can use it in various ways to customize the buildings in your scene and animate good ‘ol Trenton.

3:19 Displacement Prop Structure
5:30 Replacing Individual Texture Maps
7:26 Using the Substance B2M Tool
9:45 Saving Materials
11:32 Applying Substance Materials
13:04 Tessellation Performance Tips
16:27 Trenton the Terrible


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