iClone 6.5 Tutorial – Intro to MixMoves Animation


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MixMoves is an innovative new way to animate with iClone 6.5.  This intuitive tool lets you quickly and easily direct your character’s movements by simply clicking them.  For each motion you select, MixMoves will create a natural blend from the previous motion without the need for any tedious keyframe animation whatsoever.  This allows for incredibly quick and easy animation blending between a wide spectrum of commonly used chraacter animations.

This tutorial will provide you with an overall intro to the new MixMoves tool, and walk you through the improvements over the previous iteration.  You’ll also learn about how to modify the transitions between motions, mirror motions, auto-loop motions, and more!

2:09 Old vs. New Application Methods
5:22 G5 vs. CC Transitions
9:05 Quick Transition Time Editing
11:52 Mirror Motions
13:52 Auto Loop Motion

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