Exporting DAZ Prop & Vehicle Morphs to iClone7 & Stuff

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How to export DAZ morphs for objects & vehicles and use them as sliders in iClone.  Please note: This does not work well for objects like wheels that fully rotate.  🙁
It is oddly different from character morphs, so this shows what works currently.  It seems like a lot of convoluted steps, but it might save time later during animation since DAZ objects are not intended for use in iClone and thusly access to animating specific parts can be buried deep in the animation controls  :)1. Export base object as FBX
2. Export all morph separately as FBX;  Door open, gun pivot, ect..
3.Import each morph into 3DXchange and save them out as OBJ
4. load base model into 3DXchange
5.add each morph to the morph panel
6. Export base to iClone
7. With object selected activate Morph Creator in iClone
8. Say yes to pop up that says blah blah morphs
9. Click update morphs to iClone
10. Enjoy quick access to morphs in Morph animation tab
11. Seems like a lot of steps, but yeah

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