Exporting Animatable Morphs from Daz3D to iClone7

This is a long winded Tutorial demonstrating how to export character morphs from Daz3D and import them into iClone7 using 3DXchange and iClone7’s morph creator tool.  This does not cover the details of converting a Genesis character for iClone.  There are many videos here that cover that, but I might make a tutorial if people prefer my approach to tutorials 🙂  This is medium paced, so if you are in a hurry…. well.

I have refined my tutorial format and editing since this, so I will try and make an update at some point.

Wallpaper available: https://ariaredux.deviantart.com/art/…

Skip intro 1:00
Bonus content at the end. 
34:22 Once you see the 1st FIN, the tutorial is over and anything past that is for fun 🙂

Let me know if anything was left out and I will try to include it in a future video.  Also make requests for other tutorials you would like.  I will take all tutorial requests into consideration 🙂

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