Digital Human Character Tools for Unreal and Unity
Game, App, AR, and VR content developers can now design, optimize and export 100% royalty free characters to realtime game engines with fast production speed and big cost savings.

Reallusion Game Tools – Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Motion LIVE establish a seamless ecosystem for character creation and animation for Unity and Unreal that enables developers to instantly import game characters with automated shader assignment and animation setup in the engine so that characters are ready to instantly play.

The visual leap advanced by RTX realtime raytracing in Unreal is also leveraged by Reallusion through the use of the ‘iClone for Live Link’ plug-in.

iClone animates face, body and hand character motions through intuitive animation menus, mocap, or a library of motion files which can be applied to Character Creator avatars designed for realtime production for Unreal and Unity game engines.

Inside Character Creator 3 you can optimize characters for games, thanks to the built-in InstaLOD features like remesher, polygon reduction and LOD creation. You can even access a colossal content library with motions, models, character morphs and more to suit a myriad of projects for game development and virtual production.


“With Character Creator and iClone, I was able to achieve my dream game at 1% of the cost of traditional character design and facial mocap tools.”
Nick Pearce / Managing Director of Modern Storyteller

“After 22 years of working with AAA Studios (EA Games, Disney) I have been searching for a pipeline that can achieve AAA quality production in a matter of days.”
Mark Stefanowicz / Art Director of Lost Boys Interactive

“Our open world VR game attains high performance, LOD optimized characters, and polygon reduction thanks to Character Creator!”
Myron Mortakis / President & Executive Producer of HELM Systems

“Our VR game requires highly tailored, unique-looking characters. We are a small team, so we only use tools that can have a big impact with minimal effort.”
Pamela Marshall / Lead Artist of Five Finger Studios

“With iClone’s powerful physics, animation tools and high-quality content, I can finally create realistic/professional cinematic trailers in a short time!” Benny Dee / MV Producer






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