Character Creator 3 Tutorial – Fixing Visual Defects Part 1: Mesh Editing

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Character Creator 3 (CC3) is the quintessential tool for creating and customizing exceptional quality game-ready characters for use in any game or CG project. You can also use it to render your beautiful characters in photo-realistic quality, and utilize the powerful InstaLOD polygon reduction tools to optimize the performance of your characters.

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can import custom clothing and fix various issues that may come up by using the Edit Mesh tool. You’ll be shown a number of selection methods, as well as different types of mesh editing that can be used for different scenarios you may encounter.

1:40 Clothing Import & Skin Weighting
5:05 Selection Modes
9:12 Simple Sculpting
12:42 Vertex/Face Editing
16:06 Element Editing & Hide Mesh

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