iClone CC Feature Story – Sci-fi Director uses Realtime Character Creation in CG Animated Film

https://magazine.reallusion.com/2020/12/10/sci-fi-director-looks-to-realtime-character-creation-for-cg-animated-feature-film/ Hasraf "Haz" Dulull is a British writer, producer and Sci-fi director that has produced numerous Netflix films like The Beyond, 2036: ORIGIN UNKNOWN and Disney’s FAST LAYNE mini-series. Haz is currently developing genre TV, feature and animation projects as the director…

iClone Candle Flame

Showing how to do a candle flame in iClone (basically just map a camera facing billboard with a video of a flame — here’s one you can use: https://mega.nz/file/l3JFSABQ#zck3jok8cieIFEeUvXw7yq6SgVLWRISeRoZdRwR3Dis ) adminedit.photography