Tool Groups

This video demonstrates a new UI change in 3DCoat 2021, which is Tool Groups. They are consolidated tools in one button, helping to de-clutter the User Interface and make it easier to find the brush or tool one is looking for. More…

3Dconnexion Support Pt1

This video demonstrates the benefits of using a 3dconnexion device, especially the flagship version, SpaceMouse Enterprise, in 3DCoat. It allows the user to smoothly navigate along 6 different axis, simultaneously while working. This doubles productivity as the user does not have to…

UV Troubleshooting Tip

This video demonstrates a UV troubleshooting tip that can be helpful when a user has stretched polygons, often connecting separated UV islands/shells. This often indicated a mesh problem or incomplete UV seam. More from: 3DCoat

3D Grid Snapping Icon

This video demonstrates the usage of the new 3D Grid Snapping Icon, in 3DCoat 2021, located in the Viewport Navigtion Bar. It makes access to the grid-snapping feature not only easier, but easier to notice if it is active or inactive.

Smart Retopo: Strip Mode Pt2

This video continues the demonstration of the Strip Mode within the Smart Retopo Toolset, in 3DCoat 2021. It includes a newly added Weld Tolerance feature for better connections with existing meshes.

Using Cloth Tool for Modeling in 3DCoat 2021

The video demonstrates Cloth Tool in action, while modeling a bed. The toolset shown is part of the 3DCoat 2021 release expected in Q4 2020. Find out more on #3DCoat: Download 3DCoat’s trial and try it for free: Follow us…