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Greeting everyone,

I finally have started to update this website. Things should be in full swing by the end of 2019. So be sure to check back to view updated content for all of your home and office art and prints. I also have a download purchase plan for your printout flyers or publications, your printable projects of 100,000 printouts or less. Enough of that for now. Let me update you about the new History directory.

All the photos that I upload on Rare Pictures for sale as prints or pictures are of the highest quality. I take the upmost care to re-create these photos to their original clarity for this highest quality of pictures for your office, home, church place of business, greeting cards, business cards, home decor and 100s of more options for prints and pictures.. As for the historical photos that I touch up or recreate (when its available) I leave information that is printed on the print for historical reference. Some times it is located on the boarder of the photos so you can choose to frame it out if you prefer not to view it in your pictures.

I have just activated the [History Photo] directory so keep checking back for more historical uploads. If I do art work with any of the historical photos you will find those in the Art gallery.

Texture-Craquelure-Abraham Lincoln 1864 Feb 9 Berger Anthony photographerAbraham Lincoln 1864 Feb 9 Berger Anthony was the photographer.



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